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The mission of the dust collecting machine is constantly dusty, smoky and sawdust etc. to absorb the dust and shavings of the machines that are produced. It does this by rotating the propeller inside it thanks to the electric motor. The electric motor rotates the propeller with the help of the shaft and provides an air flow. The machine has 3 suckers, one of them sucks from the ground, the other two are located in the chimney, the suckers in the chimney absorb chips and dust from the machine which produces chips by means of a hose. It absorbs.

Dust collection systems have various power and filter options. When choosing dust collector systems, attention should be paid to the dirt formed in the working environment. Dust collecting filters to be used in an environment with chemical gases and in an environment with sawdust dust should have different properties. The mask should be used while the machine is running since the machine constantly draws dust and sawdust. During general maintenance of the machine, it must be disconnected from the electricity. Care should be taken to maintain the machine periodically. The machine should never be operated without the upper and lower dust collector bags. All parts of the machine should be checked in their general maintenance, and they should never be operated with the missing part. The parts that should be replaced as a result of the machine not working in case of malfunction or in any way should not be changed incorrectly. It can have bad results. Working with the machine is risky if these rules are not followed, it may cause work accidents. At the same time, things may pause as a result of an unexpected breakdown that is not maintained. That’s why maintenance is important.

There are many areas where dust collection units are used, some of which are wood / furniture industry, cement, glass, food, fertilizer, chemical and plastic production, jewelery, rubber, metal, metal, medicine, porcelain, plasma cutting, thermal spray powder paint and so on. As can be seen, its usage area is quite wide. It can be used in all kinds of sectors that generate dust, sawdust, smoke in business environment like these.

What is Dust Collection Filter and What Does It Do?

Dust collection filters are indispensable for pharmaceutical, food, chemical, metal industry, power plants, industrial manufacturers and industrial companies. It is produced as resistant to high temperature and wear. Unlike electrostatic filters, those with bags are more efficient. Thanks to the bagged filters, you can optimize the air in the environment. The filter chamber and dust collector slot are an effective particle collector accessory. Quality dust collection systems bring human health to the forefront when performing sequential cleaning.

How Dust Collection Systems Work?

The operation of the dust collection system begins with the absorption of particulate air pollutants into the filters. Air particles that cause pollution are attached to the filters and are released back with healthy air exhaust systems. It is the most special procedure to increase air quality. It prevents the humidity and heat of the air, the amount of fresh air in the environment increases with each passing time. Dust collection systems are suitable for environments with high air pollutants and seriously care for human health.

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