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VRF; VRF, consisting of the initials of the words Variable Refrigerant Flow; variable flow refrigerant system can be translated into Turkish as air conditioning system.

VRV; VRV, consisting of the initials of the words Variable Refrigerant Volume; variable volume refrigerant volume can be translated into Turkish as air conditioning system.

Herm VRF and VRF systems are the same technological systems and are used by separate brands. In VRF VRV systems, up to a certain number of indoor air processing units (up to 64) are connected to a modular outdoor condensing unit.

VRF Air Conditioning System; direct expansion air conditioning systems where multiple indoor units can be controlled independently from each other with the help of an external unit and gas flow distributors. Variation with an inverter controlled compressor or compressors ensures that the refrigerant adapts according to the air conditioned areas.

An advanced control system switches between heating and cooling modes. In more advanced versions, the indoor units operate independently in both heating and cooling. Thanks to this last feature, it provides a high level of energy savings in heating and cooling in different regions at the same time. In such systems, it is not necessary to establish an indoor facility and it provides great flexibility with combinations of different air treatment units. VRF Air Conditioning Systems; It can be used successfully where independent ventilation applications such as offices, shopping malls, luxury apartments, villas, restaurants, plazas, hotels are required.

VRF or VRV air conditioning systems; Equipped with advanced control and flow control units. As needed, the refrigerant is transferred to the place needed in the right phase and at the right time to be used in heating and cooling.

VRF Air Conditioning System offers more comfort with energy saving thanks to inverter technology and variable gas flow. With its maximum care and respect to the environment, focused on energy saving, with the flexibility and flexibility of advanced application, and with its modular structure, it provides full independent control from any multi-storey building to a single villa. VRF air conditioning system comes quickly begin to take the place it deserves in Turkey.

VRF Usage Areas

There is a need for air conditioning of more than one region independent of each other and the need for load is constantly changing;

– Hotel,

– Hospital,

– Office,

– Restaurant,

– Store,

– Theater,

– Cinema,

– Buildings with glass curtain walls

– Architectural elements are in the foreground

– In historical buildings where deformation is not required on the exterior,

– In structures where air ducts occupying a large space compared to refrigerant pipes are difficult to pass through,

– In structures that cannot allocate enough space for mechanical installations and where the cooling system should be placed in the open air (roof, garden),

– In all villas where comfort is required,

– In business centers and plazas where tenant groups in their separate departments require a special air conditioning invoice (spent energy control),

VRF or VRV air conditioning systems can be used.

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